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10 % OFF Cells&Media (CB)
10% OFF
DEAR _t.e.s.t_@beispiel.com, it´s time to stock up on your favorite cells. We offer all Cell Biologics cells&Media 10% OFF. Check'em out on our site or browse the CB-list. Please ask for your special PELOClub conditions: Become part of the PELOFamily and save on top here.

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EASY – New Ways for Endothelial Cell Culture
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  QuicPick tool  OFFER €175
  UltraGRO  OFFER up to 20 %
OFFER €175  / 10 % OFF

BN QuicPick tool / 8M tips

are easy to use, fast and efficient.
The QuicPick Tools eliminate the need for magnetic racks.
  • Equipped with stronger magnets than any other hand-held tool
  • Suitable for nano- to micron-sized particles

Download Product Flyer here


  Optimize your Cell Culture and substitute FBS with UltraGro. It´s
  • rapid
  • a natural signal for growing and
  • lot-to-lot consistent.

UltraGro Pure R&D grade: 50 ml 130,- EUR,
100 ml 225,- EUR
UltraGro advanced R&D grade: 50 ml 125,- EUR, 100 ml 189,- EUR

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